Magic Squares and Cubes

  In 1985, while between University and work, I was given "The Wonders of Magic Squares" by Jim Moran and published by Vintage Books which made a lot of the difficulty of making 6 by 6 magic squares.
  I found quite a simple method of making even order magic squares and cubes, which I tried to send to the author via his publishers (it came back saying undeliverable) and to a couple of magazines who weren't interested.
  I was reminded of it by a post to rec.puzzles and have put a description of it here .

My Self Referential Sentence

  Someone brought "Metamagical Themas" by Douglas Hofstadter to work. It had examples of self referential sentences in it, and I decided to make my own.

  This is a sentence which has been found by Adrian Smith using his personal computer, a bit of programming and exactly eleven a's, four b's, five c's, five d's, thirty eight e's, ten f's, six g's, thirteen h's, twenty six i's, six l's, five m's, twenty six n's, eleven o's, four p's, fourteen r's, thirty nine s's, twenty six t's, seven u's, nine v's, five w's, seven x's, eight y's and no other letters.