Two Weeks in Gabon 21/05/98 - 05/06/98

  These pages are based around snapshots from a video I made of my holiday in Gabon, West Central Africa.
  I've split them into 8 parts in an attempt to be viewer friendly, but you might still have to be patient while they load.
  Part 9 is a late addition and was added as a home for some picture donations from Gabon. So far I've had a picture of a Forest Elephant from Ru and an African Slender-snouted Crocodile from his colleague Earl Baxter.
  There are also some aerial and ground shots of the area at, a website belonging to Brian Teeder who worked in Aviation Management in Gabon. He and Ru both lived in the same camp at Yentzi, and their times there overlapped briefly.

Part1 - Introduction and the travelling. (193k)
Part2 - Saturday, 23'rd May. A trip to Sette Cama. (408k)
Part3 - Sunday, 24'th May. Inland to Vera. (251k)
Part4 - Miscellaneous local clips. (211k)
Part5 - Saturday 30'th May. Up the Nyanga from Mayonami. (198k)
Part6 - Sunday 31'st May. Down the Nyanga and up the Mouambi. (223k)
Part7 - Monday 1'st June. Back inland again. (255k)
Part8 - More local shots and the departure. (191k)

Part9 - Contributions from Gabon.