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Sunday, 24'th May. Inland to Vera.

  Sinking and wheel spinning were the main problems with the sand roads, and avoiding the deep cracks was the main challenge with these laterite ones. We were following this road inland to Vera, with Jan Arco (a Shell colleague of Ru's) and his family following behind. When we got there, all that remained of it were a couple of concrete foundations.
  The second picture shows a clearing in the forest and the manioc plant that it was cleared for. Manioc roots are said to be delicious but they must be soaked to remove the strichnene. If you're not careful, the strichnene levels build up in the soak water to a level where the soaking doesn't help.


  Here's a very nice bit of the road where we stopped to absorb some of the atmosphere and Marja's good cooking.


  These millipedes are big. This one was in a decaying log, and the spider had its web in the trees by the side of the road.


  You can't really tell from my video snapshots, but there was a great view from this hilltop just above Vera. You could see a little of the N'dogo lagoon ahead and to the left, and solid forest to the right.

  This local grave was just infront of the trees by the lagoon, a bit to the right of the above view. It makes quite a contrast with the western graves at Sette Cama. The grave had an ancestor figure complete with a piece of mirror and other "medicine" in its stomach, and was standing next to a christian cross.


  Just a few yards away was this crocodile nest. You get three different kinds of crocdile in Gabon, but this nest looked like it belonged to one of the big ones (the Nile crocodiles).




  This flying peapod like insect, termite mound and frog were all in the forest of Pont Brule which we visited on the way home. The children, and Jasper especialy, were very good at bringing our eyes down to small scale things, like insects and frogs.


  Jan Arco and his family had gone ahead when we found this dung beetle. It seemed to know where it was going despite being head down and going backwards.


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