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More local shots and the departure

  These male agama lizards don't look like they belong to the same species as the females.


  These two video sequences of a White-collared or White-eyebrow Mangabey were taken from the same cycle path not far from Ru's house. I could hear the second one calling for a while before I got there, and he wasn't put off by my filming him from not very far away.





The Departure

  As we flew out over clearings in the forest, I was still hoping to see some of the forest elephants. There had been evidence of them all over the place, but they seem to have hidden in the forest during the day and come out at night. Apparently they are seen more later in the dry season, and a couple of months later, they would demolish the banana trees in Ru's garden. The picture here is one of Ru's from a previous dry season. Gabon is thought to be home to sixty thousand, give or take twenty thousand, of these little elephants.


  Coming in to land at Libreville.


  My video ends with this sequence of me in my living room at home, starting with a close up of the Fang style mask Ru gave me, and zooming out to show as much of the room as the camera can see from its position in the corner. As I move the mask, I'm saying "and that's the end of a great holiday".


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