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Miscellaneous local clips

  This African Darter, or "snake bird" taking off and hunting Great White Egret were both filmed from the side of the road during one of our lunch time drives in search of gorillas and anything else that might be about. It's very unusual to see gorillas between the road and the forest, but it does happen. The Hadada Ibis or "oil bird" was on the grassy bit between a beach and the jungle.


  Cycling was my usual way of getting about in the day, while Ru was at work, and when I took this bit of video, I was going to a nearby golf course hoping to see snakes, crocodiles in Yenzi lake or monkeys. This Moustached monkey was one of a small group in a bit of jungle next to the golf course.


  Another lunch time drive took us round Yenzi lake. We drove past the White Stork while on the way to the lake, and just after the stork, Ru saw a crocodile tail disappearing into the undergrowth by the side of the road. I followed the trail for a few yards hoping to catch something on video, but it had either gone or was hiding. The picture here isn't of Yenzi lake, but of a much smaller one on the opposite side of the road.


  The road round the lake was very rough and wet, despite it being the start of the dry season. It was also quite hard to see at times.


  I saw this African Darter and Malachite Kingfisher on one of my cycling trips. They were both in the same culvert by the side of the road.


  We went to Mayonami on thursday evening to try and arrange a pirogue trip for the sunday, and had a brief stop to film these birds. We ended up drinking Regab in the bar (a hut with a dirt floor and lots of crates) with some locals - it's a very good way of improving your French.
  Ru was quite surpised to see a cow standing outside because he thought they succumbed to one of the African diseases passed on by the Tstetse flies, and I was quite surpised to see the moon lying on its back. It was more U shaped than ) shaped. I wondered whether the cow did have some disease because it didn't look very with it, and was very reluctant to move.


  This wasps nest and sunbird enjoying the garden sprinkler are from a bit of video I took in the garden on friday morning.


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