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Monday 1'st June. Back inland again

  This Bronze Mannikin was sitting in a flower bed looking half asleep, and didn't seem to mind me touching it at all. It made a couple of hops and let me touch it again. I was sitting on the drive when I filmed this, and in trying to get closer and more comfortable, I broke a twig. The crack of the twig startled the bird and it flew off.


  We decided to use the bank holiday for another trip inland, and followed the laterite road pictured in part 3. Roughly ten minutes after passing the manioc clearing, we disturbed a side striped jackal in the ditch next to the road. It ran alongside us for a while and then turned off, up the hill, and stopped to look at us from the brow.


  The first of these spiders is bigger than it looks. I tried to put my hand in the shot to give some scale, but didn't put it close enough. It's hard to judge distance when you're looking through a viewfinder. The hairy spider was lying dead on the track down to Namba lake and the birds are Blue-breasted Bee-eaters.


  In places, we made our own way towards Vera, going off road accross savannahs and along forest edges. This skeleton of a small forest buffalo was in such an edge.


  We brought the open topped Suzuki for a change, and this is me having a drive of it.


  This mantis appreciated the open topped vehicle.

  This is me, an interesting root, and Ru in the forest of Pont Brule.


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